Basic Packaging Options

We now offer Two Basic Packaging Options for your discs, either Cake Box, or Shrink Wrapped:

Cake Box:

The Cake Box is the most common form of basic packaging for your custom printed discs. The cake box has an integral spindle that prevents the discs falling or sliding around and is provided with a translucent cover to keep dust and dirt out. This is by far the easiest and safest way to store your discs. If you choose this option we supply the cake boxes to suite your order. For example, if you order 250 discs you will receive two 100 count cake boxes (with discs inserted) and one 50 count cake box.

Gloss vs Standard100 Count Cake Box

50 Count on Left, 100 Count on Right

Bulk Pack (Shrink Wrapped):

If you select to have your discs shrink wrapped they will be wrapped with a clear plastic shrink film with an integrated tear strip. The discs will be wrapped in batches of 100 discs or part thereof. Shrink Wrapped discs do not have an integrated spindle and therefore, once the wrap is removed they are susceptible to slipping and sliding.
Note: If your order will be for us to insert your disc into other packaging, then choose this option.

Shrink Wrapped Discs

Stack of 100 Discs Bulk Shrink Wrapped