Serialization / Variable Data

Serial Numbers  / Data:

Serial numbers can either be sequential or read from an Excel Spreadsheet style file. These are useful for such items as Software discs, Medical discs, Evidence discs, etc. You can also use this option to print names on to the discs where each disc can have a different name!
Serialization is part of the printing process. All you need to do is 'allocate' an area in the disc artwork for the serialization and let us know where you want the serialization on the disc and email us the serialization information after you have placed your order. Serial information can only be printed in Black ink.


We offer a variety of barcode options which can be printed directly on to the disc. The barcodes can also be converted from an Excel Spreadsheet style file using numerical data and then converted to the desired Barcode. Barcodes can include a human readable serialization code to protect the chain of custody for evidence data uses. Click titles below to view examples of each code type: