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We are asked on many occasions some important questions which we feel deserve some explanation as to how we print our bottle caps and why we don't print white. So, below are the common questions with the answers in more detail:

  1. Why doesn't BlankMediaPrinting print white on their bottle caps?
    Quite simply becuase todays UV white inkjet ink is not suitable for bottle cap printing at the speeds we print at. We have done numerous tests and have found that the white is easily scratched off especially when the cap is pryed off.
  2. What is the definition BlankMediaPrinting can print on caps?
    Our definintion is the best in the industry of digitally printed caps. Even though we print using 6 colors, our definition will out-perform our competitors who only print 4 color - see for yourself:
    Actual Size
    You will notice that even 3pt text is legible as well as 0.25 pt lines. Other companies will suggest text no smaller than 6pt!
  3. How do you test ink adhesion?
    We use the standard print industry Tape Test method. First we score the surface using the Tape Test tool to score a cross hatch (#).

    Tape Test Cross Hatch Tool
    Tape Test Tool to create the cross hatch, you will notice the fine blades on the left side.

    Then we will take scotch tape and apply with medium pressure, wait 30 seconds , then pull the tape off. There will always be some fine particles which are generally the actual metal portion of the cap that have been removed. What we do not want to see is large portions of the printed area to be removed and left behind on the tape - this is classified as insufficient adhesion and represents a poorly printed cap as can be seen below from another cap printer:

    Failed Tape Test Adhesion
    In the example above, you can see where this company printed white on top of the white cap. This is a clear indication that their inks they are using are not suitable for direct printing.

    Blank Media Printing printed cap - tape test past
    In the example above which was printed color directly onto the cap surface by BlankMediaPrinting, you can see there is very little loss from the tape test. This indicates excellent ink adhesion.
  4. What is your turnaround time?
    We aim to ship your custom printed caps within 24 hours of receipt of your order and print ready artwork - no other company can beat our turnaround times without having to pay a 'Rush Fee'. We don't believe in Rush Fees, our philospohy is that all orders are printed in the order in which they come. However, priority is given to orders based on the shipping method. For example, an order that has a ship method of FedEx 2 Day will be printed before an order that has a ship method of FedEx ground.
  5. Do you sell Cappers?
    Yes, we sell the hand-held Red Barron capper, this is an inexpensive and easy to use capper for the home brewer. Our printed caps are suitable for most capping machines and have been tested.
  6. Where are the caps made and printed?
    The caps we use are made in North America, they are also printed in the USA by us - we are not a broker we use industrial machines designed specifically for printing caps. We don't use modified machines to print caps such as flat bed printers - these types of printers are not capable to achieve the ink adhesion required due to the ink type and curing process utilized.

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