When you go to a grocery store or open your refrigerator, chances are you will see that almost every product has a printed UPC barcode. In fact, almost every product in the United States has its own UPC barcode, whatever type of product it may be. So what are UPC barcodes, and what are they for?

Universal Product Codes, or a UPC, is a 12 digit long number that appears on most United States products. These barcodes were originally intended to help grocery and department stores speed up their checkout process. Also, through these UPC barcodes, grocery stores were able to keep track of their inventory efficiently. The system quickly caught on with all other retail products because of its benefits. UPC barcodes were designed for mass circulation and tracking of products.

Remember that the barcode must be placed on a white background - no exceptions. Therefore please consider this when designing your artwork.

Sample UPC Barcode:
Sample UPC Barcode

For European markets, you would need an EAN barcode. When you order a Barcode from BlankMediaPrinting, you will receive all barcode formats.
Sample EAN Barcode:
EAN Barcode Sample

Online Shopping and Amazon Barcodes
The invention of the Internet has dramatically changed the way people shop. Perhaps, one of the most popular online retails stores is Amazon. Through the years, Amazon has been considered the most reliable online retail store by most online consumers. Also, most retailers have found success in marketing their products through Amazon. Barcodes have also played an integral part in marketing a product on Amazon.

As sellers and marketers, we normally sell products under a certain brand, and most of these products already have their respective UPC barcodes. However, there are instances where we create the product ourselves, and this is where we need a barcode. When you create a new product page on Amazon, you will be asked for the details of your products' UPC barcodes. For amateur Amazon marketers, seeing that the product they are trying to market doesn’t have a UPC barcode, panic sets in, and oftentimes, they give up on the idea of marketing the product on Amazon.



When and Where Do I Upload My Artwork?

After you have completed the checkout process you will be directed to the “Artwork Upload” section. This is where you can upload your artwork for your disc storage wallet. Select from a previous order. You can also use our Online Design / Layout Tool to create your artwork for any of your ordered Custom printed products. 

Please ensure you have created your artwork using one of our free templates. These CD wallet printing templates are available from the Artwork Upload section OR from our templates area.

How do I Submit My Data for Duplication?

On the order confirmation page you will receive instructions regarding shipping your master disc(s) and IPR form to our duplication department. Remember, if you did not write the content or have permission from the original copyright owner we are not allowed to make copies! If you purchased your songs from iTunes or similar you do not have copyright ownership and therefore cannot make copies.

How Do I Place a Repeat Order?

If you have ordered from us before, you can simply select your previous order number in the Build Order Form, from the drop down menu. If your previous order number is a four digit order number, simply scroll down to the Artwork Section and click "Copy from a previous order." Then select the order number from the drop down menu. This menu will list all previous order numbers, and we’ll reuse your artwork.

I Have More Questions, Where Can I Obtain More Answers?

We have an extensive FAQ section which should answer virtually everything you need to know before ordering. If you need specific assistance that is not covered in our FAQ section, please do not hesitate to Contact Us! Or you may call us at: 888 979 5183 - office hours are 9:00am - 4:00pm EST. We also have live chat - located in the lower right corner of every page. If Chat is Offline, you can leave a message.


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