Bulk CD Duplication

Need thousands of discs? No problem. Blank Media Printing gives you affordable, perfect discs for every occasion. We offer bulk CD duplication from brands you trust like Philips and CMC (Taiyo Yuden) as well as a variety of different case types and styles to suit your needs.

Packaging in bulk
Interested in matching packaging? All of our packaging options can be ordered in bulk: choose from cases, sleeves, mailers, and more.

Get Your Order Fast

Our goal is to ship your products the same day we receive the order and artwork. This means that you can have your products available for clients just days after editing the images and sending us your data. If you need to get your clients their images even faster than that, we have express shipping options as well - for no rush fee! 

We use industry-leading technology with the benefit of unrivaled customer service. Leave low-quality labels in the dust, and make a great impression with custom discs.

Bulk Discounts on Standard CDs:

4 - 23
24 - 49
50 - 99
100 - 499
500 - 999
1000 - 2499
2500 - 4999

Perfect for Archival & Distribution

Standard Bulk CDs

Standard CDs

Our Philips Premium CD-R Media can fit 700MB/80 minutes with a record speed of 52x.

Medical Grade CDs in bulk

Medical Grade CDs

Our Medical Grade CDs are DICOM / PACS / HIPAA Compliant and come with CMC Pro's 100-year data-integrity guarantee.

Gold Archival Grade CDs

Gold Archival Grade CDs

Our Gold Archival Grade CDs by JVC/Taiyo Yuden are DICOM Compliant and come with a 100-Year Data-Integrity Guarantee.


A-La-Carte Services

Order as many discs as you want, in any packaging you want. We are one of the only custom print shops in the nation to offer highly detailed a-la-carte options.

You can also order any combination of packaging types you want for your discs - you don’t need to commit to thousands of jewel cases if you want a mix of wallets, sleeves, and cases. This is perfect for musicians who need different types of packaging for their albums for selling at shows, stores, or online.

Need to save time? We can package your discs in your cases for you and even shrink-wrap them for easy distribution. On a budget? You can trim down your options on your order with DIY design and packaging assembly.

Get the exact same quality and artistic customization with a combination order as you would if you were buying in bulk.

A-La-Carte Services

Longest Lifespans

Curious what the best long-term strategy is for backing up your data? Optical media boasts the longest lifespan of any data backup options. Our CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays will keep your data safely stored for far longer than hard drives.

Data storage lifespan comparison - Hard drives vs USB vs CD vs DVD

Options & Extra Services

Easy Data Uploader

Upload your data using our easy online uploader, or send your data on a master disc to our manufacturing facility. This way we can ensure your data is accurately duplicated. You will find instructions on how to do this after you complete your order.
Learn More

Gloss Coating

If your art is complex, containing more than just line art or text, adding a gloss coating will enhance the look and color of your custom CDs. Choose this option while ordering to help your images and colors pop.
Learn More

Thermal Receptive Coating

Some companies need to be able to add their own content onto their discs after they’ve received them. The Thermal Receptive Coat will allow the over-printing using a Thermal Disc printer, making it easy for customers who need to add their own text.
Learn More

Artwork Design

No idea how to navigate photoshop? Select “design it for me” during checkout and send us your images, logos, and copy. Our graphic designers will connect with you over email and create the perfect design for you.
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Physical Print Proof

Sometimes you have to see what you're getting before committing to a bulk order. Just select "physical print proof" during checkout to receive a sample disc in the mail with your artwork on it. A great way to know that everything is accurate is to see the real proof in person!  


Great for musicians and businesses alike, we offer Serialization / Variable data for printing serial numbers and barcodes on your discs.
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 Online Artwork Designer

If you can’t afford photoshop but want to try designing your own artwork anyway, we have a built-in artwork designer that you can use right in your web browser.

It’s free to use and we offer many tutorials on how to create disc artwork with our easy tool.

No more downloading cumbersome and difficult software that ends up costing a fortune. Our design tool will take your art from first draft to finished product.

Preparing your artwork

If you’re designing your document in Adobe Suite programs, use our templates to prepare your artwork. Photopea is a free alternative we offer you can use right in your browser after purchasing discs.

Always use a CMYK color profile. We accept artwork saved as PDFs, Postscript Level 2 & 3, TIFF, and JPEG. Resolution for raster files (images) should not be less than 360 dpi. Images in vector files should also not be less than 360 dpi.

Finally, your final art must not contain any type of line-up marks or reference data. Learn more

 Online Data Uploader

No time to mail a master disc? We have an easy online file uploader that can handle massive files for your duplication. Upload data of any size: from CDs and DVDs to 25 and 50 GB Blu-Rays.

Now you don’t have to export your data to a master and rush off to the post office. Our online uploader makes it easier and more convenient than ever to get your order done fast.

Best ways to back up your data

If you need to password protect many files with a single password, store them on a password-protected Disk Image

If some documents are rarely needed, put them all in a file and compress it into a .zip to save on your storage space.

If you don’t need high-resolution images but still want a relatively large image in your backup, you can batch resize your images with tools like Photoshop.

Learn more ways to prepare your files for backup here.


Referral Program & Ways to Connect with Us

Need a discount? Our referral program allows any customer who uses your code to receive a discount. Each time your Referral Code is used, you will also receive a discount code in your account.

We are also happy to publish articles from industry professionals. Got something you'd like to share with us? Send an email.

Our process

We utilize the latest state-of-the-art technology that surpasses all other technologies for CD duplication.

Our equipment uses 6 colors: CMYK+lc+lm (Cyan Magenta Yellow blacK + light cyan and light magenta), providing the widest gamut of colors compared with traditional 4 color (CMYK) technology which often results in poor clarity and excessive noise. Our inks are UV cured instantly to produce both a scratch resistant surface as well as being 100% waterproof / smudge proof.

None of the discs are handled by human hands which means you won't find fingerprints on the underside which occurs from companies that use equipment not originally developed for discs but equipment that has been converted to print discs such as flatbed or desktop inkjet printers.

Curious how our turnaround time is so fast?

One machine can make up to 4,000 discs per hour! If you need your order immediately, we've got you covered. Learn more about our process here.

New Customers enjoy 10% off

Once you’ve signed up as a new customer, we'll send you an email with a coupon code for your first order. 

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Charitable Contributions

Give Kids The World

BlankMediaPrinting is proud to be the official donor of Give Kids The World for all their custom printed CDs, DVDs, and packaging.  With over 82,000 discs donated since December 2014 - gives you an idea how many kids and families they help and we are proud to have helped preserve their memories!

Give Kids The World is a non-profit organization which works with Make-A-Wish, that exists only to fulfill the wishes of all children with life-threatening illnesses and their families from around the world to experience a memorable, joyful, cost-free visit to the Central Florida attractions, and to enjoy the magic of Give Kids The World Village for as long as there is a need. Read More....

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