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We've taken disc printing to the highest level and more importantly we maintain at the highest level by utilizing the latest state-of-the-art digital printing technology that surpasses all other technologies for custom printed CDs.

Our printing equipment uses 6 colors: CMYK+lc+lm (Cyan Magenta Yellow blacK + light cyan and light magenta), providing the widest gamut of colors compared with traditional 4 color (CMYK) technology which often results in poor clarity and excessive print noise. Our inks are UV cured instantly to produce both a scratch resistant surface as well as being 100% waterproof / smudge proof. We use this same printing quality on our Custom USB Business Cards as well.

None of the discs are handled by human hands which means you won't find finger prints on the underside which occurs from companies that use equipment not originally developed for discs but equipment that has been converted to print discs such as flat bed printers or desktop inkjet printers.

Our Printing Process:

  • Discs are unpacked and placed on to the machines infeed spindles - operators wear protective gloves to ensure no finger prints.
  • The machine will collect one disc at a time via vacuum suction cups and placed on the infeed conveyor.
  • One disc at a time is taken from the infeed conveyor and placed into the White silkscreen station where the white is applied (95% of discs are flooded with white) - If the order is to be printed directly onto the silver of the disc then this step is disabled.
  • The discs are then transferred onto the printing shuttle where they are held by high vacuum to ensure they do not move during the printing process.
  • The discs travel under the first UV station to cure the white and then immediately they start to print.
  • Once the discs have had their first section printed they are cured via a second UV lamp to cure the color ink prior to printing again in the reverse direction.
  • The printing process for the colors is repeated until the complete image has been printed.
  • Discs are then transferred from the printing shuttle and at the same time, another batch of white flooded discs are loaded.
  • Printed discs then travel along the outfeed conveyor where they are then transferred to the exit spindle.

This whole process happens in a matter of seconds and one machine can print up to 4,000 discs per hour!

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Give Kids The World is a non-profit organization which works with Make-A-Wish, that exists only to fulfill the wishes of all children with life-threatening illnesses and their families from around the world to experience a memorable, joyful, cost-free visit to the Central Florida attractions, and to enjoy the magic of Give Kids The World Village for as long as there is a need. Read More....

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