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Unmatched quality

BlankMediaPrinting has been in business since 2009. Since our first printed disc back then, we have grown into one of the nation's largest custom disc printing and duplication facilities offering more than just printed discs. Unlike many companies that utilize 'modified' inkjet printing machines, we use state-of-the-art UV Digital Printing technology; this means your discs are printed with the highest quality wide color gamut and resolution. Unlike other companies, our print resolution cannot be matched using similar technologies as our alignment is monitored daily.

Excellent Customer Service Ratings

BlankMediaPrinting boasts the highest customer review status with a near-perfect 10/10 score on ResellerRatings.com - No other company comes close! With no BBB complaints and we have an A+ rating!

Our exceptional customer service is second to none - we even answer emails during the evenings and weekends.
We would not suggest trusting your projects to companies with no phone number and only want to communicate via Email - this should be a red flag!

We NEVER charge Rush Fees - Rush Fees are just an 'upsell' to take advantage of someone's need for 'proper service' Sure, you'll need to choose a rush shipping option, BUT you won't need to pay x times the price for the product. As long as we know your desired delivery date, we will ensure your order is delivered on time - every time. We have never missed a customer's delivery date in the past ten years!

Price Match Guarantee? - Got it
Satisfaction Guarantee? - Got that also.

Easy online uploading and editing

We also have an easy online uploader for your data and art, so you don't have to mail in your files or content. If you don't have photoshop, we offer a free, in-browser art tool to make your art for your discs and printed inserts and packaging. If that's too much work, our experts are happy to design your graphics for you!

Shipping within the USA, and all other parts of our great world.

We ship to all states within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, with shipping times ranging from 1 day in Florida and most of the Southeast, to 5-7 for the West Coast and Alaska/Hawaii. We also have other faster shipping options if you need an immediate turnaround.

We ship to Canada and Europe! Our international shipping times are faster than ever, with great prices when shipped with FedEx Express. We are Canada's best choice for top-quality CD duplication and packaging - shipping to Quebec, Toronto, Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, and your city too! 

International Shipping to Canda by FedEx Ground takes 5-7 days, FedEx Express 3 days (normally this is the cheaper method).  International Shipping to Europe with FedEx Express typically takes between 3-4 days. Read more about our shipping times to Europe and Canada on our FAQ page.

Learn how we print discs so efficiently

We've taken disc printing to the highest level. More importantly, we maintain at the highest level by utilizing the latest state-of-the-art digital printing technology that surpasses all other technologies for custom printed CDs.

Our printing equipment uses 6 colors: CMYK+lc+lm (Cyan Magenta Yellow blacK + light cyan and light magenta), providing the widest gamut of colors compared with traditional 4 colors (CMYK) technology which often results in poor clarity and excessive print noise. Our inks are UV cured instantly to produce both a scratch-resistant surface and 100% waterproof / smudge-proof.

All discs are handled by automation, which means you won't find fingerprints on the underside. Companies that use equipment not initially developed for discs need to handle each disc by hand, leading to fingerprints on the read side of the disc!

Our Printing Process:

  • Discs are unpacked and placed on the machines' infeed spindles - operators wear protective gloves to ensure no fingerprints.
  • The machine will collect one disc at a time via vacuum suction cups and place it on the infeed conveyor.
  • One disc at a time is taken from the infeed conveyor and placed into the White silkscreen station where the white is applied (95% of discs are flooded with white) - If the order is to be printed directly onto the silver of the disc, then this step is disabled.
  • The discs are then transferred onto the printing shuttle, where a high vacuum holds them to ensure they do not move during the printing process.
  • The discs travel under the first UV station to cure the white, and then immediately they start to print.
  • Once the discs have had their first section printed, they are cured via a second UV lamp to cure the color ink before printing again in the reverse direction.
  • The printing process for the colors is repeated until the complete image has been printed.
  • Discs are then transferred from the printing shuttle, and at the same time, another batch of white flooded discs is loaded.
  • Printed discs then travel along the outfeed conveyor, where they are then transferred to the exit spindle.
  • This whole process happens in seconds, and one machine can print up to  4,000 discs per hour!


Orlando CD Printing

Located in Orlando, Florida, Blank Media Printing creates custom CDs and DVDs for local musicians, businesses, and photographers. From data backups for IT specialists to album art for bands, we love helping every Orlando citizen.

Miami Disc Duplication 

Blank Media Printing happily serves the needs of our southern neighbors in Miami. If you need CD duplication, disc printing, or combinations of packaging and discs, connect with us.


Sunny Tampa's eclectic arts, theater, and business communities all enjoy custom printed CDs and packaging tailored to their needs.  

Canada CD Printing

We print and duplicate discs and ship to all provinces in Canada using FedEx Express. Get your order in no time with our unbeatable quality and high print resolution. 

Europe CD Printing & Duplication

Blank Media Printing is one of the best international CD and DVD Duplicator and Printer. Our affordable and fast shipping to European countries is through FedEx Express. We offer quick turnaround and impeccable customer service. 

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Charitable Contributions

Give Kids The World

Blank Media Printing™ is proud to be the official donor of Give Kids The World for all their custom-printed CDs, DVDs, and packaging.  With over 176,500 discs donated since December 2014 - it gives you an idea of how many kids and families they help, and we are proud to have helped preserve their memories! Read More....

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