What is CD Duplication?

Posted on Wed, 03/22/2023 - 4:25pm

CD duplication refers to the process of creating multiple copies of a CD from a single master disc. The process involves using a CD burner or duplicator to create exact replicas of the master disc. CD duplication is typically done for small-scale production runs, such as making copies of a music album or software program for distribution - typical orders of 1,000 units or less.

CD duplication is a relatively straightforward process that involves burning the data from the master disc onto blank recordable CDs using specialized equipment. The essential part of any CD Duplication is the verification process that the CDs that have been duplicated are identical byte for byte. Blank Media Printing performs a 100% verification process, ensuring that all the discs you receive are data error-free.

Independent musicians and small music labels often use CD duplication to produce and distribute music. Software companies also use it to create copies of their programs for distribution to customers. Compared to CD replication, which involves creating a glass master and stamping the data onto the discs, CD duplication is a faster and more cost-effective option for small production runs.

What is the CD Duplication process?

CD-R (Compact Disc Recordable) are duplicated through a process called "burning," which uses a laser to write data onto the disc's surface known as the organic layer/dye. Here are the general steps involved in the duplication process:

  1. The original CD or source material is loaded into a computer equipped with a CD burner and appropriate software.
  2. The software "rips" or copies the data from the original CD and saves it onto the computer's hard drive.
  3. A blank CD-R is placed into the CD burner.
  4. The software reads the data from the hard drive and "burns" the data onto the CD-R using a laser to create microscopic pits and lands in the disc's organic dye surface.
  5. Once the burning process is complete, the CD-R is removed from the burner and can be used like any other CD.
  6. This process can be repeated for as many copies as needed. Specialized equipment can also be used to duplicate multiple copies of a CD-R simultaneously.

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