50 Free Design Resources for Photopea

Posted on Wed, 01/13/2021 - 6:06pm

The Ultimate List of Free Design Resources for Photopea By Blank Media Printing

Even if you’re a seasoned designer, having a few free resources can save you hours in your work.

We’ve been there. That’s why we’ve curated 50 free resources for you to bookmark for later - stockpiling the best tutorials, icons, labels, textures, photos, and fonts!

The Ultimate List of Free Design Resources 

Icon Sweets Icon Pack

Icons and Labels

  1. Lawyer Icon Set - Free Vectors
  2. Icon Sweets (pictured above) - Collection of various icons including social media icons, people, documents, folders, and even ice cream cones. 
  3. Church/Religious Icon Set 
  4. The Noun Project - Free Icons for Every Occasion (Must give credit to creators) 
  5. Chalk Style, Hand drawn bakery badges - free with attribution
  6. Retro Icon Pack - by Frexy on Dribbble
  7. 80 General Icons in this Icon Pack by UX PIN (more icons available if you share their work) 
  8. Free Vector Backgrounds
  9. White Retro/Vintage Labels - Free with attribution. Open the .JPEG file and use the magic wand to extract the label you want. 
  10. 60 Free Social Icons 
  11. Colorful Icons - including food and holidays 
  12. Ribbons & Badges for your Logo - Free download with attribution 


Youtube Link Blank Media Printing


Maximize your editing skills with curated tutorials from experts. The video tutorial above was made for a tool similar to Photopea, and the CD designing process is the same!

These tutorials are for Photopea, our built-in, free design tool:

  1. Subtract subject from background image
  2. Cropping an image in Photopea
  3. Using the Clone Tool  
  4. A basic guide to Photopea
  5. Working With Layers - layers can make the difference between easy editing and painstaking revisions. Avoid making destructive changes to your design by adding design changes one layer at a time.
  6. Photopea adjustments and filters
  7. Retouch Faces 
  8. Layer Masks
  9. Working with Text in Photopea
  10. Text Styles


Free Watercolor Texture Pack


Textures are great when making designs as they can add depth to your images. Rather than painstakingly drawing small brushstrokes all over your work, use a texture as its own layer and reduce the opacity/use a mask on the texture layer to help blend it in.

  1. Free Paper Textures 
  2. Assorted Free Textures By Flickr Users 
  3. Free Water Color Textures 
  4. Free Fabric Textures 
  5. Grunge Textures from Bashcorpo on Deviant Art 
  6. Wood Textures
  7. More Fabric Textures, including Denim 
  8. Wall Textures 
  9. Free Stock Textures
  10. Free Textures by Promoting Passion

Free Stock Image Site - Pexels

Stock Images, Background Images

  1. Stocksnap.io
  2. pexels.com (Pictured above)
  3. Libre Stock 
  4. Background Images - Geometric 
  5. Large Blurred Backgrounds by Aaron Bramwell 
  6. Intricate Floral Texture by Paolo Tonon on Flickr 
  7. Brush Strokes by Michael Lusk on Flickr 

Free Fonts

  1. Da Font
  2. Font Squirrel
  3. Google Fonts 
  4. Font Space 
  5. 10 Free Cursive Fonts 
  6. Modern Sans Serif Style Font by Matt Ellis on Behance
  7. Gothic Fonts via Font Palace  


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