What are the different CD types?

Posted on Thu, 08/03/2023 - 1:22pm

There are several types of CDs (Compact Discs) available. These CD types vary in terms of their storage capacity, usage, and compatibility with different devices. Here are the most common types of CDs:

Audio CD (CD-DA): The standard audio CD format used for storing music tracks. These CDs can play on most CD players and audio systems.

CD-ROM (Compact Disc Read-Only Memory): This type of CD is used for storing computer data, software, and multimedia content. CD-ROMs can't be written on or modified; they are read-only discs.

CD-R (Compact Disc-Recordable): CD-Rs are write-once discs that can be burned with data, audio, or video content. Once data is recorded on a CD-R, it cannot be erased or overwritten. These are the types of CDs that we use for duplication OR provide to our customers to allow them to duplicate or record their own content on. Learn More Here

  • CD-R-Vinyl Style: Our custom printed CDs that look like Vinyl Records combine the retro look of a 45-rpm record with the superior quality and performance of today’s CD-R technology. This unique format looks and even feels like an actual vinyl record, right down to grooves you can feel. Learn More Here
  • CD-R-Professional: This CD-R type is typically used when long term (20+ years) storage is required. It is made using a silver reflective layer instead of an aluminum reflective layer. Learn More Here
  • CD-R-Medical: This CD-R type are DICOM / PACS / HIPAA Compliant. They are ideal for Medical Imaging Clinics, Dentists, Doctors, Veterinarians, and more. They allow medical facilities to safely organize and store sensitive data like patient records or private health information (PHI). Learn More Here
  • Evidence Grade: This CD-R type are used by Law Enforcement, Local, State, and Federal Government agencies and are provided from our sister company Evidence Grade. Because this type of media is a specialized media, only registered agencies can purchase them.
  • CD-R-Gold: This CD-R type is typically used when extra long term (100 years) storage is required. It is made using a 24ct gold reflective layer instead of an aluminum reflective layer. Learn More Here

CD-RW (Compact Disc ReWritable): Unlike CD-Rs, CD-RWs are rewritable discs that allow data to be recorded, erased, and re-recorded multiple times.

Video CD (VCD): This format is used for storing video content. VCDs have lower quality than DVDs but can be played in most DVD players and some CD players that support the VCD format.

Super Video CD (SVCD): An enhanced version of Video CD with improved video quality and additional features.

Enhanced CD (E-CD or CD Extra): This type of CD contains both audio and data tracks. When inserted into a computer, it can provide additional multimedia content such as videos, images, or interactive features.

Photo CD: A format used to store digital images, commonly used in older digital cameras and scanners. It allows you to view and organize photos on compatible devices.

CD-i (Compact Disc Interactive): CD-i is a format that allows for interactive multimedia content, including games, educational material, and encyclopedias.

CD+G (Compact Disc + Graphics): This type of CD contains audio tracks along with graphics data, often used for karaoke purposes.

CD+EG (Compact Disc + Extended Graphics): Similar to CD+G, CD+EG includes additional graphics capabilities for more advanced interactive content.

CD+MIDI (Compact Disc + Musical Instrument Digital Interface): This format combines audio with MIDI data, allowing compatible devices to play back and control MIDI instruments.

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