Verbatim DVD R Standard DVDs

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Custom DVD Printing and Custom DVD Duplication

Verbatim DVD R Standard DVDs

Are you looking to make a great impression with your product? We offer the highest quality custom Verbatim DVD-Rs available at a great price. You can get your order promptly because we're committed to fast processing and shipping.

Our custom printing process is proven to help prevent your discs from scratching, fading, and smudging. A High-quality DVD, like one of our discs, can be handled time and time again.

Need duplication or burning? Make sure to select the Duplication Option when ordering (either upload your content or send a master disc). A completed IPR form is required with each master disc.

Because we use Verbatim media, you can ensure that the quality is of the highest DVD standard. Not all duplication companies use such high-quality media for their DVD-R discs. That is one reason they can offer a reduced price! You have spent or will spend a lot of time preparing your project; why risk it to a lower quality media?

6 Color Printing - CMYK+Lm+Lc

High Resolution 6 Color Printing

We are proud to offer only the highest resolution printing quality and technology. We work, with the latest 6 Color UV Cured Digital Inkjet process. Unlike Silkscreen printing, Digital UV Inkjet is zero contact, meaning no physical contact is made by the printing process. This removes any potential physical damage silkscreen printing can do.

Additionally, unlike the silkscreen process, we use our proprietary Cold Cure UV™ systems. This advanced system removes high heat transfer during the curing process. Traditional UV curing uses high heat with InfraRed (IR). High heat and IR can be detrimental to the disc's physical structure, resulting in either or both write or read errors.

Smudge Proof

Anti-Smudge Waterproof DVDs

All our printed discs, as standard, are waterproof. Our waterproof DVD discs will not smudge or smear when handled. You can’t say the same for traditional inkjet printed discs that use water-based inks.

Scratch Resistant Print

Scratch Resistant DVDs

Because our DVD-R Verbatim discs are printed using UV-cured inks, they are scratch-resistant. A scratch-resistant DVD will not damage under normal handling, even if dropped or scuffed with a fingernail.

Up to 4.7GB or 120 Minutes

Standard Definition DVD Disc Capacity

Verbatim DVD-Rs are rated up to 4.7GB of data OR up to 120 Minutes of standard definition video.

Record Speed - Up to 16x

Record Speed

Our DVD-Rs can be recorded up to 16x normal speed. Record speed is dependent on the DVD-R recorder/drive used. Our discs utilize Multi-Speed technology version 2.1. If BlankMediaPrinting performs your DVD duplication, we perform a 100% comparison with the master disc, ensuring that all discs duplicated are 100% verified.

Need licensed music for your video content?

BlankMediaPrinting is proud to partner with Easy Song Licensing, They help musicians quickly and easily obtain 100% of the rights necessary to release a cover song. Whenever an artist covers a song by another musician, you have to get permission from the original copyright holders. Getting granted consent can often involve contacting each copyright holder of every piece, which is difficult for busy artists. When you hire Easy Song Licensing, they take care of this for you, Their process helps you clear the rights legally and quickly so you can get back to recording! For more information and to get started, visit

Our Verbatim DVD-Rs can be recorded up to 16x normal speed. Record speed is dependent on the DVD-R recorder/drive used. Our DVD-R discs utilize Multi-Speed technology version 2.1.

If BlankMediaPrinting performs your DVD duplication, we perform a 100% comparison with the master disc. This ensures the DVD video standard for all duplicated discs are 100% verified.


  • Premium DVD-R Media
  • Capacity: 4.7GB / 120 minutes
  • Record speed: up to 16x Revision 6.0
  • Multi-Speed: Version 2.1
  • Max. Deviation: 150µm
  • PI Error (8 ECC Block): <280
  • Longevity (estimation): 100 Years
  • Print Process: 6 Color UV Digital Printing
  • Print Is: Waterproof & Scratch Resistant


Starting At: $0.43 each
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When and Where Do I Upload My Artwork?

After you have completed the checkout process you will be directed to the “Artwork Upload” section. This is where you can upload your artwork for your disc storage wallet or select from a previous order. You can also use our Online Design/Layout Tool to create your artwork for any of your ordered custom-printed products.

Please ensure you have created your artwork using one of our free templates. These CD wallet printing templates are available from the Artwork Upload section OR our templates area.

How do I Submit My Data for Duplication?

On the order confirmation page, you will receive instructions about shipping your master disc(s) and IPR form to our duplication department.

Remember, if you did not write the content or have permission from the original copyright owner we can’t make copies!

If you purchased your songs from iTunes or similar you do not have copyright ownership and therefore can’t make copies.

How Do I Place a Repeat Order?

If you have ordered from us before, you can select your previous order number in the Build Order Form, from the drop-down menu. If your previous order number has four digits, scroll down to the Artwork Section and click "Copy from a previous order." Then select the order number from the drop-down menu. This menu will list all previous order numbers, and we'll reuse your artwork.

I Have More Questions, Where Can I Get More Answers?

We have an extensive FAQ section that should answer virtually everything you need to know before ordering.

Can’t find what you need in our FAQ section? Please do not hesitate to Contact Us!

Or you may call us at 888 979 5183 - office hours are 9:00 am - 4:00 pm EST. We also have live chat - located in the lower right corner of every page. If the Chat is Offline, you can leave a message.


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Rated 5 of 5

Order # 45201 Great DVD Service

I have ordered 5 times from Blank Media Printing now, each time they have delivered exactly what I needed- a complex 3 disc DVD project! Thanks!
-Order # 45201

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Rated 5 of 5

Superb quailty of service!

I am extremely impressed with Blank Media Printing's fast turnaround and exceptional customer service. I have found a supplier with whom I plan to do business with for a long time.

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Rated 5 of 5

Fast, High Quality A+ Service!

Couldn't recommend this company MORE!

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Rated 5 of 5

DVD Printing

I have been using Blank Media Printing to print on my DVDs for 7 years now and the service is outstanding. The products are high quality and my clients are always impressed with the professional and polished look it gives. I was so happy with them, I started having them print more things for me. And the customer service is fantastic too and turn around time is always fast.

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Rated 5 of 5

DVD Printing

33249 Super Fast, Accommodating, and Reliable. I've used them for the past 10 years and have never not been satisfied. Price is right, and you can always speak to someone via phone, text or email if need be, which is super comforting.

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